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Learning Strategies: K from Anywhere

Stay Organized

Reduce email overload.

  • Clean up your email inbox. Empty the trash and junk mail folders.
  • Unsubscribe from commercial email traffic that may bury Kalamazoo College communications.

Keep track of class materials.

  • What are the parts of this course, lecture, lab, etc?
  • Where can you find it? How do you access it? (live-stream, lecture capture, etc)
  • Does it meet at a specific time?  Can you watch anytime?
  • What are the required course materials? How will you access them?  
  • What are the due dates?
  • How do you submit assignments?
  • How are quizzes and exams administered?

One example of how to keep track:

Sample Class Organization Table
  Class 1 Class 2 Class 3
Important dates     Paper due Friday
Class structure

No lab

Live lecture

Discussion optional.

Recorded lecture

May do paper instead of a group project
Important links

Lecture link

Office hours link

Discussion link

Lecture link

Discussion link

Lecture link