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Learning Strategies: K from Anywhere

Build Study Groups

Communicate with your professors, peers, and friends. 

  • Stay connected via online chat, video chat, livestreams, discussion forums, DM, and email. Read your email. 
  • Group chat, Slack, or Microsoft Teams are more tools to help you update each other on progress. 

Meet regularly. 

  • Ask your professor to form study groups if you don’t know others in your class.  
  • Schedule regular group meetings to bounce ideas off each other and enjoy each other’s company. 

Set a purpose for meetings and use shared notes tools. 

  • Set the purpose of your meeting in advance over your group’s messaging tool. 
  • Take notes in a shared doc so everyone can contribute and follow along. 

Make a plan to work on the project step-by-step. 

  • Your group may be dispersed, and deadlines far in the future, but resist the urge to put it off. 
  • Make progress and keep everyone in the loop. 
  • Create task lists and timelines to create accountability for getting your work done. 

Share your accomplishments with friends as you tick off items on your list.