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Learning Strategies: K from Anywhere

Create Good Study Habits

Create an effective study environment.

  • If you study in the library or a coffee shop, try to recreate that space. This can help with focusing on your course work. You can trick your brain into associating a place or activity with being productive.
  • Use a white noise app to drown out distractions 

Avoid multitasking. 

  • Turn off notifications  
  • Focus on one thing at a time 
  • Take a break between tasks 
  • Reward yourself for completing tasks
  • If you are anxious or distracted try to focus on a task for 15 minutes. Tell yourself that you will think about any distractions in 15 minutes, after you finish the task. 


Use a planning method to keep track of meetings and assignments. 

  • Get your tasks collected in one place and tick them off one at a time. You will feel better! 


Do your assignments, take good notes, and pretend that you are still on our fair Arcadian Hill.