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How to use Library eBooks

How can I read, download, or print this eBook?

The library offers eBooks from a variety of vendors and publishers, and in some cases, print or download options may not be available for a specific e-book. Please contact us if you have questions. 

Options to read an eBook

  • Read Online will let you scroll through the book and read it from your browser. Generally, this is the fastest and easiest way to read an eBook. 
  • Print options are useful if you are only interested in a small portion of the book - a chapter, for instance. Due to copyright restrictions and publisher rules, the number of pages you can save or print is usually limited to somewhere between 20 and 80 pages. Some eBooks may not offer this option at all. 
  • Download option lets you download a chapter into a PDF and save it to your computer. Sometimes you have to download third-party software first. Keep in mind each eBook has a limit to how many pages you can download at one time. This limit resets every 24 hours. If the book is a 1 or 3 user book downloading the book will lock out other students.

Linking to eBooks

In Library OneSearch, after clicking on a title select PERMALINK and copy the URL. When off-campus this link will have you sign-in to K College account.

Library OneSearch title view with PERMALINK highlighted



EPUB is a popular file format for digital books and documents that can be easily read on a variety of devices. Here are some free EPUB readers: