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Beyond Google: For Faculty

Resources, sample assignments, and other helpful links for first year seminar instructors

Assessment Materials

Assessment Instruments

Assessment Instruments


Library Workshop Objectives & Assessments

What we want them to do What we do How we know they got it Results
Students will utilize
library help resources.
Find help on website activity/lecture Reference stats Research Rescue
& Ref questions up by
86% (Research Rescue)
83% (Reference Questions)
Students will be able to choose keywords & subject headings in their
research question.
Before workshop assignment /
in-class worksheet / lecture/ demo /
fill-in worksheet
Post-Survey Questions 80.1 % successful
Students will be able to construct a search based on keywords and use
basic search strategies.
Keyword worksheet/ Boolean explanation /  / OneSearch demo Post-Survey Questions 71.8 % successful
Students will be able to select an appropriate search tool based on discipline and task at hand Lecture/
Box activity /
Demo subject gateways
  Did not assess.
Students will be able to explain differences between Google, OneSearch, and a
library database.
Box activity / Lecture / Demo Longer question
on survey
23.4 % proficient
38.7% almost
34.9 % basic understanding of Library searches might contain better information.


  • 3 Librarians
  • 28 Workshops
  • 407 Students
  • 350 student assignments analyzed
  • 340 post-workshop surveys collected