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Beyond Google: For Faculty

Resources, sample assignments, and other helpful links for first year seminar instructors


Beyond Google: College Research Strategies

A three-part introduction to college-level research


Students' lack of knowledge of the fundamentals of research remains a central concern of K faculty. We have a very real chance to address this problem, since every first-year student passes through our seminar program. In response to the changing nature of students, our “Beyond Google” format is participatory and interactive. Everyone - faculty, students, and librarians - has a role to play.

Most of us learn what we need to know when we need to know it. Therefore, the Beyond Google workshop is focused on ideas connected specifically to each seminar. Students will prepare for the workshop; seminar faculty and librarians will respond to the work students have done. As a result, students will learn more efficient, effective ways to use the library, to do research, and will see how
this knowledge will immediately benefit them - and prepare them for more advanced work in their Sophomore Seminars.


•    Understand WHY doing research is important

•    Understand HOW to do research, beginning with the earliest stages

•    Put their new knowledge and skills into PRACTICE in a guided project embedded in
ongoing work in the Seminar

•    Realize that they, too, can work as INDEPENDENT SCHOLARS and contribute to
scholarly discourse in an ongoing manner throughout their college career and beyond.