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BUSN/ECON 380: Research Methods in Business/Economics

Comparing the Annotated Bibliography and the Literature Review

  Annotated Bibliography Literature Review
Purpose Provides an organized list of sources with brief explanations of why each source is credible and relevant. Provides an overview of the most significant sources on a particular topic or problem.
Structure Sources are separated from each other and usually arranged alphabetically. Sources are integrated into a critical essay and usually arranged thematically. They may be mentioned more than once.
Parts A formal citation (usually APA, MLA, or Chicago style), followed by a short paragraph summarizing the source and explaining its credibility and relevancy. The main topic or theme is explained in an introduction, then sources discussed are synthesized progressively through the essay, and the conclusion summarizes the sources and ideas presented.

Loosely adapted from "Comparing the Annotated Bibliography to the Literature Review" by Cayla Buttram, David MacMillan III, & Dr. R.T. Koch, Jr.


Not all the sources you look at will end up in your annotated bibliography or literature review!

As you begin your research, you will compile a Working Bibliography, and select the most useful and relevant sources from that.