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Alumni: Q & A

Q & A

When do I lose access? Will my Kalamazoo College username and password just stop working?

You will lose access to Library databases when your Kalamazoo College network account expires. In most cases, this happens about ten months after you graduate


I want to continue my SIP research after I leave the College. What are my options? 

Your best option is to look for open access scholarship, and you can use the Directory of Open Access Journals to find these materials. Another option is searching Google Scholar, however some articles will require payment. If you have a library account at your local public library, you can ask about Interlibrary Loan services. Public libraries may charge a fee to use their Interlibrary Loan services.


Can I still contact Kalamazoo College librarians after I graduate? 

Yes! K College librarians are committed to helping recent graduates and all alumni find information. Due to subscription licensing agreements, we are unable to send alumni resources from our library databases. We're happy to help you locate other resources.


Will I lose access to Zotero?

No - Zotero is free and open source software. You can continue to use your Zotero account as long as you like. However, if you used your email to set up your Zotero account, you should update your account to a new email address. 


Can I access other college or university library collections? 

Maybe - it depends. Many public universities are publicly funded and allow guests and community members to use their public computers to access their databases. Check your local university's website or call them before arriving to confirm whether their policy allows guests to access their databases and online resources. 


How can I get a public library card?

Find your closest public library system and check their website to learn more about getting a library card. Many public libraries require an ID and proof of address to obtain a library card. You may be able to sign up for a card online and then activate your card in person at a local branch.