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POLS 245: Politics of Latin America


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Finding books beyond K

Selected Books

Forgotten Continent: a History of the New Latin America

The bestselling primer on the social, political, and economic challenges facing Central and South America--now fully revised and updated.

Politics of Latin America

Demonstrates a nuanced sensitivity to the use and abuse of power and the importance of social conditions, gender, race, globalization, and political economy throughout the region.

Death and the Maiden

Relentlessly paced and filled with lethal surprises, Death and the Maiden is an inquest into the darker side of humanity--one in which everyone is implicated and justice itself comes to seem like a fragile, perhaps ambiguous invention.

Visual Politics in the Global South

Aims to examine visual politics in the Global South through theoretically driven, and empirically grounded case studies, which focus on the role of the visual in formal politics (e.g., political campaigns, the relation between state and citizens) and public and everyday politics (e.g., social movements, activism, grassroots politics, civil society initiatives).

Latin American Sport Media

This book provides an historical overview of the formation of sports media in Latin America and its role in the construction of the political history of Latin American sport.

Comparative Latin American Politics

Provides a balanced, concise overview of select Latin American countries without underestimating the complexities of a region noted for its striking differences.

Reshaping the Political Arena in Latin America

This volume examines the role played in the second wave of incorporation by political parties, trade unions, and social movements in five cases: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, and Venezuela.

Political Struggle in Latin America

This book discusses in an accessible way how emerging globalizing processes are setting the stage for new forms of social and political struggle in Latin America, with increased involvement of multilateral and foreign actors, and impacts of global political populism and populist social media.