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Tips for Leveraging Your ORCID

Link your ORCID iD

Link your ORCID to other services including ResearcherID, figshare, Sage Policy Profiles, and other professional organizations.

Make your works public

This maximizes the visibility of your research and maximizes the potential for the research and publications listed in your ORCID account to be automatically pushed into applications or pulled into other systems (e.g., grant databases or expert profiles).

Add name variations 

If you have published under other names, be sure this is reflected in your ORCID profile.

Enter your ORCID iD

Provide your D as prompted when submitting manuscripts and grant proposals.

Display and share your ORCID ID

Include your ORCID iD on conference posters, webpages, email signature lines, blogs, business cards, social media accounts--anywhere you would benefit from refering others quickly and reliably to the body of your research.