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JAPN/SEMN 295: Utopia & Apocalypse in Japan

Library Worksheet

Activity #1 Categorizing sources

Look at each source. Share in the chat how you would categorize it.

  • How would you describe it?
  • Who wrote it? Who reads it?
  • How can you access it? (What other formats might you find this thing in?)
  • Who has access to it?


Activity #2: More Types of Sources

What's missing?

"Types" of sources

  • Encyclopedia
  • Academic Book
  • Newspaper article
  • Magazine article
  • Academic/Scholarly article

Activity #3 Evaluating Information

From 1st year seminar: CAARP can help with evaluation.

Currency:The timeliness of the info Authority: The source of the info Accuracy: Reliability of the info Relevance: How the info fits your need Purpose: The reason the info exists

Digging Deeper: Questions to help you critically analyze your sources