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HIST 242: Enlightenment and its Legacies

Recommended Databases for Scholarly Sources

Recommended eBooks

The Imagined Empire

The hot-air balloon, invented by the Montgolfier brothers in 1783, launched for the second time just days before the Treaty of Paris would end the American Revolutionary War. The ascent in Paris--a technological marvel witnessed by a diverse crowd that included Benjamin Franklin--highlighted celebrations of French military victory against Britain and ignited a balloon mania that swept across Europe at the end of the Enlightenment.

Enlightenment Underground

In Enlightenment Underground, Mulsow shows that even in the late seventeenth century some thinkers in Germany ventured to express extremely dangerous ideas, but did so as part of a secret underground.

China in the German Enlightenment

Examines the connections between eighteenth-century philosophy, German Orientalism, and the origins of modern race theory.

The Virtues of Abandon

France in the eighteenth century glittered, but also seethed, with new goods and new ideas. In the halls of Versailles, the streets of Paris, and the soul of the Enlightenment itself, a vitriolic struggle was being waged over the question of ownership--of property, of position, even of personhood.