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THEA/SEMN 265: First Theatres



"The fact checkers read laterally -- quickly scanning the website in question but then opening a series of additional browser tabs, seeking context and perspective from other sites." (Spector)

Lateral readers exercise habits that lead to more thorough and efficient evaluation of information/sources such as:

  • search for the site/article on fact-checking sites
  • search the web for the owner or publisher of the site
  • search for pages linking to the site
  • follow references back to any original sources
  • research what other sites say about the source

The CRAAP Test

The CRAAP test provides basic questions to help you think about the quality of your source.

Is it Current?

When was it published? Are their references current? Is currently important for your topic?

Is it Relevant?

Does the info relate to my topic? What audience is it written for? Is it at an appropriate level for my needs?

Is it Authoritative?

Who is the author/organization? Are they qualified? Is it edited or peer-reviewed

Is it Accurate?

Where does the information come from? Are there references? Are there errors, broken links etc.?

What is its Purpose?

What's the purpose of the information? Advertising? Scholarly work? Opinion? Is there bias? Who is the intended audience?


Adapted from Meriam Library, California State University, Chico California