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HIST 254: History, Memory, and Identity in Modern Europe

Is this scholarly?

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Is a source Scholarly?

How can you tell if a source is scholarly?

  • Is the author an academic?

    • Does the author have a Ph.D.? Are they employed at a university? If the source doesn't say, use Google.
  • Does this source present the results of research by the authors?

  • Are there lots of footnotes, endnotes, or references?

  • Is it published by an academic or university press? (for books)

    • Often the publisher contains the name of a university [ex: Oxford University Press]; if the publisher is not a university press, use Google to find the press and read about their editorial board/policies.

  • Is it published in a scholarly journal? (for articles)

    • Sometimes these contain the word "journal" in the title; if the title does not include the word "journal," use Google to check out the journal's website & editorial board.

    • If the publisher is a university press, that's a good clue that the publication is peer reviewed and scholarly.

If the answers are yes, the source is probably scholarly -- which means it has gone through a rigorous peer review process.

If you are unsure, ask your professor or a librarian!

Anatomy of a Scholarly Article

parts of a scholarly article labeled: Journal Name, Volume/Issue Number, Date, Article title, Author, Author Information, and Article Abstract or Summary