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HIST 217: US Leisure and Recreation


Scholarly? How do you know?

Scholarly Monographs

As a group, determine if your book is scholarly or not. How can you tell?


Searching Tips

Keywords are Key!

Jot down words that would be helpful to include in a search

Primary Sources

Explore a Primary Source Resource

  • Browse through the Recommended Resources on the Primary Sources page.
  • Choose an archive or database.
  • Search for a topic you are interested and be prepared to report out what you discover about your archive or database.
    • Is it easy to navigate?
    • Would other students find it useful?
    • Did you find anything?

Searching for Secondary Sources

Finding Monographs

Investigating Databases

Make sure everyone in the group finds:

  • Scholarly or peer review filter

  • Subject headings

  • Citation tool

What do you notice in this database? What might be helpful for other students to know?