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FREN 435/490: Senior Seminar

Course Guide for French 435/490

Search for Authors or Titles

Need to find sources on a specific author or a specific work?

  • Search on the author's name:
    ex: Minh Tran Huy

  • Search on the title of the work, using double quotes to search the title as a phrase:
    ex: "la princesse et le pêcheur "

Themes in Literature

These are some of the themes and big ideas covered in the readings for your course.  You can use these words and phrases when searching for sources. 

Many of these are the official terminology used by library databases, but not all of them. Official terminology words and phrases are called descriptors or subject headings. 

Try French words in your searches!  You may find additional sources with French.

  • gender roles
  • gender norms (not official terminology)
  • social class; social classes
  • racism
  • homophobia
  • education
  • coming of age
  • family
  • traditional societies vs. modern societies (not official terminology)
  • violence and language (individual words are official terminology, phrase is not official terminology)
  • alienation
  • travel
  • crossing borders (not official terminology) - official terminology is "border crossing"
  • exile
  • the Other (not official terminology)
  • the couple colonization (not official terminology) - the word "colonization" is official terminology
  • power
  • inequality
  • national identity
  • cultural identity
  • the role of literature in society / culture (not official terminology)
  • culture clash (not official terminology)
  • literature and empathy (individual words are official terminology, phrase is not official terminology)
  • francophone authors (not official terminology)
  • francophonie

What is a Subject Heading?

A subject heading is a word or phrase that describes or represents a person, place, thing, or idea.

What is a Keyword?

A Keyword is any word or phrase used in searching.  Keywords can be official Subject Heading Terminology or not.

Finding Subject Headings

How to find Subject Headings?
Search by Keyword and look for Subject Headings in individual records.

Then try these:

  • Use words from the Subject Heading in a Keyword search
  • Click on the Subject Heading itself