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Black Lives Matter

A centralized resource for information about historical and current discrimination of African Americans in the United States, Michigan, and Kalamazoo College

This guide is a response to and resource for processing the nationwide George Floyd Protests in 2020.

These protests shine a light on the continued oppression experienced by Black Americans and in particular the effects of police brutality.

We also recommend Kalamazoo College's Praxis Center for additional resources, local learning and growth opportunities, and community connection. The Arcus Center for Justice hosts this overall excellent and thoughtfully curated website with content from faculty and students engaged deeply in social justice work.

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This guide contains

  • Historical Contexts : This area seeks to be a brief overview of the oppression experienced by African Americans throughout the history of this country.
  • Current Events
    • Current Events links to relevant news feeds, articles, podcasts, police brutality information sites, and links to racial justice and equity organizations.
    • Historical African American Newspapers covers historical Black American published papers as well as other presses owned an operated by People of Color.
  • Anti-Racist Resources:
    • Anti-Racism Resources includes a link to our #Reading for Change book list, information about the Black Lives Matter Movement, articles to better understand racism, and documentaries.
    • Support Resources for People of Color includes videos, articles, and other resources for coping, self-care, empowerment, and resilience strategies.
    • Resources for Allies contains sources predominantly speaking to white allies about how to address their own privilege, what it means to be an ally, and how to get there without centering whiteness.


We would like to recognize the great work by other libraries and universities that helped us create this guide. Most especially thank you to Penn State University Libraries for allowing us to use their Black Lives Matter guide as a template.

Below are links to those guides that we have used or been inspired by for one or more portions of this guide. We encourage you to check out their guides for even more resources. 

This guide can be used for personal education as well as to provide a centralized resource for the Kalamazoo College community who wish to address these topics in their teaching and learning. This guide contains historical information regarding oppression of African Americans and the systemic presence of White Supremacy, sources to stay up to date on contemporaneous news and analysis, and resources to support Anti-Racism. We welcome suggestions for any additional resources or topics you would like to see covered in this guide. Please use the contact information on the sidebar to reach out.