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CHIN 220: Chinese Food Culture: Finding Books

Reference Books

Why Use Reference Books?

  • Reference material is a great place to find background information
  • Shows how a topic fits into a broader subject or discipline
  • Helps you to know if there is enough or too much information on a topic
  • Provides access to the specific vocabulary which serves as keywords for searching
  • Often contains bibliographies which point to key resources and experts to consult

Selected Reference Books

Print Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

Encyclopedia of modern China  
   Ref. DS775 .E53 2009

Historical dictionary of the Chinese Cultural Revolution  
   Ref. DS778.7 .G86 2006

Food: an authoratative and visual history and dictionary of the foods of the world  
   Ref. TX349 .R58 1980

The Cambridge world history of food  
   Ref. TX353 .C255 2000

Encyclopedia of food and culture  
   Ref. GT2850 .E53 2003

The atlas of food : who eats what, where, and why  
   Ref. TX353 .M55 2008

Nectar & ambrosia: an encyclopedia of food in world mythology  
   Ref. GR498 .A53 2000

Online Encylopedias

Encyclopedia of food and culture 

Encyclopedia of Religion 

Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Countries and their Cultures

Books: a step-by-step guide

Books: A Step-by-Step Guide

1.) Ariadne

  • Search by Keyword (use Boolean Logic)
  • Find and Use Subject Headings
  • Browse the shelves by Call Number

2.) e-Books and Online Texts

  • search by keyword, full-text, author, and more
  • download or read online. (review Quickstart Guide for instructions)

3.) MeLCat

  • Search by Keyword
  • Find and Use Subject Headings
  • About MeLCat

4.) Western Michigan's Library (duplicated in MeLCat, but if you want your materials faster, just walk to WMU!)

5.) Interlibrary Loan

  • Search by Keyword
  • Find and Use Subject Headings
  • Order item through ILLiad - Interlibrary Loan

Using Subject Headings

Search by Keyword and look for Subject Headings in individual records.
To modify a search:

  • Use words from the Subject Heading in a Keyword search
  • Click on the Subject Heading itself

Examples of Subject Headings:

Subject Guide

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