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LANG 195: Comedy and Resistance: Chapters

Finding Book Chapters

Finding Book Chapters, also called Book Articles:

To find chapters within books in Library OneSearch, do a keyword search on your topic, whether your topic is an idea, a period of history, or a person. A keyword search will search multiple fields of the record for a book, such as title, author, contents note, etc.

Example: bill cosby

A keyword search on bill cosby returns 17 records, the sixth record is the following book:

Black fathers : an Invisible Presence in America, / edited by Michael E. Connor,  HQ756 .C667 2006

Bill Cosby doesnt appear in the title or in the subject headings, but he does appear in the following chapter title, which may be of interest:

"Bill Cosby: America's Father" by Anne Chan

In keyword search in Library OneSearch, you can also search for your topic specifically in the contents note field, where chapter titles are listed. To search the contents note field, your search would look like this:

Example: n:bill cosby


You can also find book chapters in the MLA Bibliography.

In the MLA Bibliography, you can limit your search to book chapters by choosing "book article" in the Source Type option.

MLA International Bibliography
Produced by the Modern Language Association.
Critical works on literature and languages.
Covers publications from 1925 to the present.

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