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Law Research Guide: Michigan Law and Courts

This guide is an introduction to legal research for undergraduate students.

General Michigan Resources

The Law Library at the Library of Michigan is a valuable resources for finding legal materials. See their resources at

This Libguide on Michigan Law from the Wayne State University Libraries is also a helpful guide to Michigan law.

About Michigan Laws

In print, there are three commercially available versions of the Michigan Compiled Laws. MCLA (Michigan Compiled Laws Annotated) published by Westlaw, MSA (Michigan Statutes Annotated) published by Lexis, and MCL (Michigan Compiled Laws) published by the State of Michigan. All publications contain the same Michigan Laws, but must be updated through the Michigan Compiled Laws Table.

Many state resources are for free on the Web through the government or Cornell's Legal Information Institute.

Michigan Reference Material

Legislative Branch: Statutes and Legislative History

Judicial Branch: Opinions, Briefs, and Arguments

Executive Branch: Agency Rules, Regulations, Decisions, and Forms