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PSYC 211: Adolescent Psychology: Primary Sources

What is a Primary Source?

"Primary sources are the raw materials of history — original documents and objects which were created at the time under study. They are different from secondary sources, accounts or interpretations of events created by someone without firsthand experience." (Library of Congress)

For more detailed explanations with examples:

Older Popular Magazines in print in the K Library

The Atlantic, 1932 -
Atlantic Monthly, 1857-1932
Century (title changes - Century Magazine, Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine) 1882-1930
Christian Century, 1923 -
Current History 1919-
Harper’s Magazine, 1913 -
Harper’s Monthly Magazine, 1900-1913
Harper’s New Monthly Magazine, 1850-1900
Life, 1936 -
The Nation, 1905 -
The National Geographic magazine, 1889- present
Newsweek, 1947-
The New Yorker, 1936 -
Saturday Review, 1929 -
Scribner’s, 1887-1939
Time, 1930 -
US News & World Report, 1948-

Check for specific location and holdings in Ariadne.

Full text Resources in the K Library

New York Times (1851 to 3 years ago)

New York Times (1985 to present)

Kalamazoo Gazette Historical (1837-1922)

NOTE: The Library has the Kalamazoo Gazette on microfilm from 1978 - present.  For the years between 1922 - 1978, the Kalamazoo Public Library has the Gazette on microfilm.

Kalamazoo College Index (1877-2011)

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