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Constitution Day 2017: Videos

Kanopy Streaming Videos

Kalamazoo College subscribes to Kanopy, an on-demand streaming video service that provides students and faculty access to over 30,000 documentaries, classic and indie films.  Here is a small selection of the ones relating to the Constitution.


Constitution U.S.A.

The Living Constitution

A look at the Constitution in contemporary terms reveals a short document--7,000 words long--shorter than every state constitution except Vermont's. Only thirty-three of the more than 11,000 amendments that have been proposed have been approved by Congress and submitted to states. Twenty-seven have been ratified.

National Security and the First Amendment

The democratization of newsgathering and the expansion of the surveillance state have amplified tensions over the transparency of government operations. Trace the recent history of the news media from the Pentagon Papers to Wikileaks, and draw your own conclusions about what information should be published and who should be allowed to publish it.

The Constitution: The Compromise That Made a Nation

Distinguished actors re-create the tense exchanges between the Colonial leaders who meet in secret sessions in Philadelphia in May of 1789. We are plunged into the passionate arguments -- finally resolved by the "Great Compromise" between the big states and small states -- that preceded the framing of the Constitution.

The Constitution and Cyberspace

Part of a series on cybersecurity, thisepisode focuses on the idea of government monitoring of the Internet. Start by learning all about how on-network monitoring systems work. After that, step back and examine how government monitoring is enforced and limited--but not prohibited--by the Constitution.

1787—The American Experiment

Learn how America's founders established a model of a republic through debate, compromise, separation of powers, and a flexible Constitution.