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HIST 206: Victorian America: Primary Sources on the Web

Locations of Primary Sources

Local Repositories of Primary Sources

Primary Sources in the Kalamazoo College Library

Use these terms in Ariadne to locate primary sources (search by subject and keyword):

  • Diaries
  • Correspondence
  • Speeches
  • Autobiographies
  • Letters

Primary Source Websites


What are primary sources?
Primary sources are records or objects that have survived from the past, such as letters, photographs, diaries, audio recordings, video recordings, newspaper articles written at the time of an event, buildings, speeches, scrapbooks, pamphlets, furniture, tools, household items, clothing, toys...

Explanations and Examples

Gateway Websites for Primary Sources
These sites list links to other Websites with primary source materials

  • Chronicling America
    From the Library of Congress, historic newspapers pages from 1836-1922. A topics list is also available for searching.
  • Hathi Trust
    A large-scale collaborative repository of digital content from research libraries including content digitized via the Google Books project and Internet Archive digitization initiatives, as well as content digitized locally by libraries.