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RELG 390: Junior Seminar in Religion: Useful Websites

Evaluating Websites

Use these points to evaluate the credibility of Websites:

How reliable is the information? Are there editors or fact checkers?

What are the author's qualifications?

Is the author trying to sway opinion?  Is the information biased?

Is the publication date indicated? Is the source up to date?

Does the site cover the topic comprehsively, or are there gaps?


Sites that provide guidance on evaluating Websites:


American Civil Liberties Union: Religious Liberty
Center for Religion and Popular Culture
The Centre forReligion and Political Culture (CRPC) at the University of Manchester carries out research in the areas of religion and politics, and the history of the relationship between the two fields.
Human Rights Campaign
Immanent Frame
Internet Public Library: Religion and Theology
A good place to search for websites that have been vetted by librarians and instructors.
Killing the Buddha
Material and Visual Cultures of Religion
National LGBTQ Task Force
Pew Research Center: Religon and Public Life
The Pew Forum examines a wide range of issues concerning religion and American society.
Religion and Nature
Religion and Politics
Religion News Service
RNS calls itself "the only secular news and photo service devoted to unbiased coverage of religion and ethics."
Religious Dispatches
A daily online magazine dedicated to the analysis and understanding of religious forces in the world today.
Sacred Matters
The Vatican
Virtual Religion Index
Meta-site, with links to websites for specific religions, comparative religions, ethics & moral values, etc. Look at the link for academic sites and societies for the study of religion.