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Theatre Reviews

Steps to finding Theatre Reviews in the New York Times:

a. Go to the K Library website.
b. Click on “Indexes & Databases.”
c. Click on “Newspapers via Kalamazoo College Library.”
e. Click on “New York Times 1851- Four years ago.”
f.  You should then be at Advanced Search of "ProQuest Historical Newspapers The New York Times.”
     Type in the name of the play as a keyword.
     You may get many results, so you may want to limit to the year the play opened to find the review of
     the original New York production.
     You may also want to compare to a more recent production of the play.

To find articles published before 1980, you may search the New York Times 1851- Four Years Ago
ProQuest Historical Newspapers, full text of New York Times articles from 1851- Four Years Ago; all articles in PDF format

To find articles published from 1985 - present, you may search the New York Times from Newsstand.
Full text of all New York Times articles, 1985 - present. Updated daily. You must be in Michigan to access this database.

See all dates of Kalamazoo College Library access to the New York Times here: New York Times Online


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